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UNM Nationals

Tracy's award-winning hair and makeup have been seen on billboards in Time Squire NY, National TV advertisements, Editorial spreads, and Celebrities. Over 20 years of pageantry experience she positively supports girls and builds their confidence, she even coaches contestants so they can master their own look. Her last client Shayla Montgomery placed

first runner-up at the Miss Teen USA Pageant in 2020!  

What makes Tracy so unique is she only takes a small

number of clients. Ensuring her clients feel calm and

relaxed during service allowing them a moment to

decompress and focus on the competition. You won't

ever worry if you will be done in time or feel rushed

through the service. Even when Tracy travels with her

team no client will ever feel like they were not the

main focus.    

A clean and sanitary workspace is a high priority

and leads Tracy to advise advertising agencies and the

Governor of her home state in the protocols to operate during a pandemic. As a licensed Hairdresser and Esthetician her health grade sanitation will put you at ease with each client having their own makeup brush set kept separate from everyone else's. Even her makeup pallets are spotless and disinfected throughout the day. Your health and safety are important to her. 



Julia Schmidt.jpg

Book by the



Customize your package and book only the services you need by the day! I will get you ready for the event of your choice,


You can choose if you want Hair and Makeup or Makeup only maybe you only need Hair Styling. You can even book touch-ups if needed allowing you to totally customize your package. 


I am here to take the stress out of getting ready so you feel like a more famous version of yourself!





Rehearsals & 



 Some rehearsals have themes and a fun wardrobe makes these extras fun. Adding hair and makeup styling can really finish your look and keep you looking your best during the pageant. 


I leave this as an add-on service and let you choose if this is something you would like. You can book just one rehearsal or all of them.  


New Lash Set Each Day




Hair and Makeup


The basic package includes Registration, the  Interview, Prelims, and the Finale. Includes new lashes daily. 


The main event package includes:


4th of July Positive Pageantry  Festival/Orientation
Hollywood Glamour Gala

Derby Touch-ups
The Pink Party




New Lash Set Each Day



Casual Wear.jpg



I will get you ready for your first optional,

If you are signed up for more than one optional you can book touch-ups and come back before each optional, keeping your look fresh and polished. 


Your timeslot will be on the hair and makeup schedule keeping you organized and reducing stress.  

If you booked a photoshoot with a photographer and would like services you can book that too!

Includes a New Lashe Set Each Day




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