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My Work In Time Square NY!

It has always been a dream of mine to one day see my work on a billboard in Time Square NY. I didn't know how to go about making that happen, who to speak with or where to start. But like all dreams you work hard and keep trying. In 2018 it finally happened! My first board. I could only image how huge a beautiful it was by the pictures that were sent to me. It was up for 7 months! I never did make it to NY to see it in person but treasure the pictures that were sent to me.

In September of that year I worked NY Fashion Week and on my last day there with 20 minutes of spare I ran down 8 blocks to Time Square to see if I could find the location that billboard was, just so I could see the sized of it. I tell you it was something, the board on that building was huge. As I walked in aw around Time Square looking at all the works of fellow makeup artist it seemed serial that I had joined them with that level of success. As I watched the electronic boards change from one image to the next I was astonished as one of my billboards was still up! Completing that bucket list moment of seeing one in person.

Since this day I am proud to say I have had 10 billboards in Time Square NY! 1 in Hollywood California, 1 in Las Vegas, 6 in Seattle and 1 in Bend, Oregon. I still find it excited to drive down the street and look up seeing something I helped create.

Here are a few of the billboards.

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