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Is it safe for me to get my makeup done?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

We are all concerned for the health and safety of our loved ones and ourselves. The impact of Covid-19 really shook the world and we started realizing what was taken for granted and how to adjust to the new norm. In this article I will break down what I have learned over the years of extensive schooling, the classes I took during the pandemic to prepare to return to work, and the changes made to work mitigating risks for both you and I. In a nutshell Yes it is safe for you to have your makeup done with a professional who mitigates risks and puts safety and sanitation first following all Health Department Guidelines.

What can I do to ensure I am choosing the right Makeup Artist?

When hiring a Makeup Artist do your home work. Ask if they are State Licensed, someone who holds a state license has successfully completed beauty school and past their state boards governed by the Health Department. Certified Makeup Artist is not the same as Licensed. You can check and see if the artist you want to hire has a license by going to the Oregon Health Authority website or by clicking this link.

What's the difference between Licensed and Certified?

When you become licensed you have proven to the Health Department you are competent not only in the areas of study but also in Safety and Sanitation. There is a required amount of hours you must be in school including practical time working on clients. You have laws to follow that ensure the safety of your clients and your licensed allows you to do services Certified Artist can not do. A Freelance Authorization allows your to preform service outside of a salon, like at a wedding, special event or in someone's home. These licenses need to be renewed to remain active and the Freelance Authorization requires an exam to remain current.

To become a Certified Makeup Artist you can take an online 30 minimum class where you never have to apply makeup to anyone. The sanitation is not overseen by a Health Department and the sanitation portion my not apply in your state or be accurate. I have talked to may artist who were miss informed from these classes. Certified programs are more economical than Beauty School which is why they are so popular they are fast and affordable. Some of the Certified Makeup Schools offer hands on and go into more depth with they different types of makeup such as special effects to event makeup application techniques than Beauty Schools do. Those who specialize in Makeup (licensed or certified) usually take classes annually to continue their education which is a good question to ask as well.

Ask yourself if you would be confident and comfortable going into a salon for a color service knowing the stylist was never formally trained? What about a spa treatment? Would you go into a spa for a facial or light therapy and feel comfortable knowing the Esthetician never attended school and got her license? If you think about it Makeup artist are working very close to you, their hands, tools and product can come into contact with your skin, eyes and mouth. If these tools are not properly cleaned and maintained you are at risk for infection!

What Questions Should I Ask?

  1. Where did you go to school?

  2. Are you a licensed Esthetician?

  3. How long have you been working?

  4. Do you have a website? Instagram is a great tool but a professional will have a website.

  5. How do you maintain your brushes? (see my blog post on cleaning brushes)

  6. How to you clean your product? (see my blog post on my pandemic kit)

  7. What are your guidelines while working in the pandemic?

  8. What can I expect when you arrive?

  9. Is there anything you will need access to?

If you like their work but still are not sure ask for a trial, this is a great way to see first hand how they work. If you like the work jive with their personality then hire them. Think of this as an investment into your health and safety.

These are samples of Certifications I received during the pandemic as I continued to do research. None of them were as good as the education I received in Beauty School.

Oregon Licenses COS•CL•10189413, COS•FT•435326, COS•HA•435326 Did you know someone who holds a licenses must display it while working?

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