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Bridal Makeup Trends 2021

When it comes to choosing your look every bride wants to be at their best. With the Makeup world blowing up all over social media it is easy to get swept away in the latest cut crease, graphic liner or a vampy lip. When choosing your makeup look here are a few things to consider.

Where is the trend going?

Well it was clear on the runway this fall that the ever popular over contoured K Kardashian look is on it's way out. How did we ever live before the secrets of contouring made its way to the retail market? The shape shifting things we learned when Instagram and YouTube blew up with tutorials demonstrating how to get the perfect contour with a fork and other utensils. As entertaining as they were professional makeup artist were contouring way before it was a thing. The difference is the subtle way it was applied designed to enhance and not change what you look like. Trends have moved into this direction. The over edited images of flawless skin without pours was not reality. Now a more youthful fresh approach has taken way, where skin looks fresh and glows from within.


A touch of color to the cheek in the way of:

  • Creams that melt into skin for a realistic glow.

  • Tones moving from nudes to pinks and coral.

  • Soft and natural to just a pop of color.

  • The over highlighted skin is toned down to a soft glow. Rudolph should not be making an appearance on your nose this wedding season.


We also saw sparkle on the runway a pop of shimmer in your eyeshadow to brighten the eye will be favored more this year. Smokey eyes will still be a thing for those who like a more dramatic eye, we will be seeing neutrals, plums and dusty pinks, greens and blue this year. Since a large portion of weddings were postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic we are seeing a blend of last season colors with the new 2021 colors.


Red lips made a comeback in a strong way. A soft neutral eye with a rich romantic red lip and a pop of gloss is a timeless classic look. If red is to strong for you try a nude with a pop of berry tone, or even a shear berry stained lip will do the trick.

Most Importantly

You want to feel like you when you look in the mirror. If you wouldn't feel like yourself with you liner having a little flick at the end be sure to tell your makeup artist. I always tell my clients my goal is for you to look like you, just a more famous version of you. Radiant skin with that glow that comes from within. Lashes will still make an appearance in bridal. Just remember they are there to enhance your eyes not weight them down and make your eyes look heavy or tired. Use the makeup to bring out the best in you so you are the star on your big day. You'll want people to remember how radiant you looked not how memorable your makeup look was.

One last thing

When you look back on your photos you will want them to look timeless, like the moment just happened yesterday. I often hear from Mother of the Bride how date stamped their photos looked with trends from that era. Many wishing they had gone more traditional.

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