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"5 Essential Tips for Effective Communication with Your Makeup Artist"

Updated: Feb 27

Getting your makeup done can be a great experience, but sometimes it can be hard to communicate what you want to your makeup artist, and you might be afraid you will hurt their feelings. But that is not how most artists feel; our feelings get hurt when we find out later you did not like your look. We want you to feel beautiful and love your service, whether you're getting your makeup done for a special event or just because it's important to have a clear understanding of what you want and not be afraid to speak up.

Beautiful makeup by Tracy Schulz
Beautiful Makeup by Tracy Schulz

Here are some tips on how to communicate to your makeup artist the kind of makeup you would like:

  1. Know your concerns - Before you sit down in the chair, think about what your concerns are when it comes to makeup and your skin. Do you tend to sweat a lot? Do you have oily skin? Are you worried about looking cakey or too old? Let your makeup artist know your concerns so they can consider them when choosing the right products for you. This will also put you more at ease, knowing they understand your likes, dislikes, and concerns.

  2. Bring pictures - Pictures are a great way to show your makeup artist the kind of look you're going for. Make sure the skin tone and eye color are close to your own; even the same hair color will give you a better idea of how it will look on you. Bring images of makeup you do like, but also show images of makeup you do not like and explain why you don't like it. This will help your makeup artist understand your preferences and avoid making mistakes.

  3. Be specific about eyeliner - Eyeliner can be tricky. Be clear about your comfort level and how you typically wear it. Do you like a thin line or a thick line? Do you like it smudged or crips and clean? Do you prefer a winged look or something more natural? Let your makeup artist know your preferences so they can achieve the perfect look for you.

  4. Talk about your brows - Brows have been a hot trend for the last 6 years, but only some people want to go bold. If you are more natural with your brows, let your artist know. They can help you achieve a natural look that still enhances your features. Remember, the brow frames the eyes and should not be left undone.

  5. Discuss lashes - Lashes can make your eyes pop, but it's important to let your artist know how much lash you want. Do you want a natural look or something more dramatic? Let your artist know your preferences so they can choose the right lashes for you.

Bonus tip:

Color preferences - Finally, talk about what colors you like. Are you a more peachy, bronzy person, or do you prefer pinky-mauvy colors? Let your artist know your preferences so they can choose the right colors for your skin tone and style. A good artist will read your skin tone and help guide you in this decision.

Communication is critical to getting the perfect makeup look. With these tips, you can communicate your preferences to your makeup artist and achieve a look that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

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Information courtesy of Tracy Schulz, Licensed Esthetician

Photographer: Stacey Struggle @statcieshoots

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